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Rhinoceros Beetles

Vending Machines Their History And Evolution

Vending machines are machines that stores items, in particular light foods and drinks. A person who is willing to get a piece of an item it stores is obliged to pay by inserting coins or by depositing paper money.

Its first ever version in history was the one Hero, a Greek mathematician, invented more than twenty-two centuries ago when he created a machine that vends holy water in temples of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt.

It was not until the late nineteenth century when commercialized vending machines first sprouted, mainly due to the ever-ongoing Industrial Revolution. Most of these machines appeared in western nations such as United Kingdom and United States. The following were the pioneers in the modern age:

* Book-selling Vending Machine by Richard Carlisle of England in the early 1880’s

* Gum Vending Machines were initiated by Thomas Adams in United States by 1888 and soon became an instant success as other companies have started to create similar machines, but with distinctions.

* Automatic vending machines first appeared in the early roaring 20’s.

* William Rowe first created the cigarette-vending machine about half a decade later after the first automated vending machines.

Vending machines roared in the mainstream in the 20th century. Vendorlator Manufacturing Company, in particular, created vending machines for soft drinks. Later, versions of these machines offered photos, post cards, newspapers, beers and other alcoholic beverages, toiletries, potted plants and life insurance policies.

In Japan, whose population density and technology are both relatively lofty, vending machines are very abundant and diverse. These versions include selling the following: rice; live lobsters; fresh eggs; food storage lockers; rice cleaning service; photograph prints; cell phone recharges; cell phone prints, fishing line, hooks, and bait; tissue, gambling balls, parking services, dry ice, kerosene, fresh vegetables, rhinoceros beetles, recycling services, television cards, hot spring water; French fries, etcetera.

In Holland, Automatiek spread in great quantity. They sell croquette, French fries, frikadel, hamburger, and other snacks. This machine is heated so the products remain warm.

Other very odd products that some vending machines sell are: fried octopus; hot dogs; fried sea bream; pornographic videos; video games; and a very peculiar ‘real lobster in an aquarium’ game.

Cigarette-selling vending machines are banned in some countries but are available in others, depending upon the government regulations and laws. These machines are banned because underage children would have easy access to cigarettes, which are non-environmentally friendly and a toxic to the human lungs.

But essentially, vending machines are great conveniences as they can provide a solution to hunger and thirst in a jiffy. For just a few coins and dollars you can have a pick of some of the most delicious snacks available. Need coffee? Not to worry, a coffee vending machine can perk you up instantly with various choices and blends of this caffeine drink.

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  1. 9-23-2011

    When scientifically classifying a rhinoceros beetle, what is the SPECIES?

    Thanks for your help <3

  2. 9-24-2011

    what animals eat the rhinoceros beetle?
    what are their predators

  3. 9-25-2011

    what kind of food do oryctes rhinoceros beetle eat?
    It come from Malaysia

  4. 9-27-2011

    how do rhinoceros beetles move?
    i need to know how they transport themselves. like do they fly? or walk? please help!

  5. 9-28-2011

    I’m not sure, but this website has tons of pictures so you can identify it.

  6. 9-28-2011

    bugs are thay killing my palm tree?help please?
    i got (two) windmill palm trees 3 foot tall base and with the fans thay are 10 feet tall.i just moved the palm trees 2 weeks ago and all the fans turned brown so i cut them off.the palm tree is still green and starting to grow back has a 1 foot small fan growing up. but lately a lot of beatle bugs are landing on my palm tree thay look like a rhinocerros beetles and thay fly.and no it is not a june bug it is a beetle.are the rhinoceros beetles killing or eating my palm tree?how do i get rid of them?also my palm tree has some small ants should i get rid of them to?what kind of fertalizer should i put on my palm tree to get it to grow better?also i’m in jax fl.
    the beetles are 1/2 inch round and 2 inch long or the same size as your pinkie.i thought the beetle’s war a giant bee when i first seen them,run for the hill’s giant bee’s lol. i only see them in the day,i kill them every time i see them.i killed 12 in the last 2 weeks.can i spray dish soap and water on my palm tree to kill the beetles,will the dish soap kill my palm tree?what should i buy to kill the beetles?

  7. 9-29-2011

    try or

  8. 9-30-2011

    If humans evolved from monkeys, why can’t monkeys talk?
    Doesn’t the fact that monkeys can’t talk prove that humans and monkeys are completely unrelated? If you saw a human who could talk and another human who couldn’t, wouldn’t you assume that the two aren’t related?

    For the same reason, humans can’t be related to monkeys! There are too many differences. I can’t think of a single similarity between humans and chimpanzees that is any less superficial than, say, the similarity between a rhinoceros and a rhinoceros beetle! Can you?

  9. 10-2-2011

    You may want to bookmark as it includes the wiki reference, but also includes references from sources other than wiki. Hope this helps:

  10. 10-2-2011

    What kind of Animal / Beetle is Gravity Antonion from Mega Man X8?
    I have no idea, I looked online and i could find nothing.
    I know:
    Boomer Kuwanger is a Stag Beetle
    Gravity Beetle is a Japanese Japanese Rhinoceros beetle
    Ground Scaravich is a Dung Beetle
    But there is no info for Gravity Antonion!

  11. 10-3-2011

    Strongest Land Creature????
    Did you know that the strongest land creature is the rhinoceros beetle. It can carry 850 times its weight.

  12. 10-9-2011

    Pigs, rats, ants, and other beetles.

  13. 10-10-2011

    Oh yeah man come down to Santana and ill dig one up for you, there should be a couple of them in my backyard

  14. 10-11-2011

    I am looking for someone who breeds hercules beetles in the US – can anyone help me?
    I am looking for the Hercules Beetle – Eastern, Other Common Names: Rhinoceros Beetle, Unicorn Beetle, Eastern Rhinoceros Beetle. The Scientific Name: Dynastes tityus. I would like a live specimen for my classroom, or perhaps larva (so that they can learn about the life cycle). Does anyone out there breed them?

  15. 10-14-2011

    What unusual distinction is shared by these animals?
    What unusual distinction is shared by these animals? Beetles, chameleons, jackals, kangaroos, lizards, octopi, pumas, rhinoceroses, scorpions, vultures.

  16. 10-15-2011

    He’s an ant. It’s in the name.
    Keiji Inafune (father of MegaMan) says Boomer Kuanger is technically a demon

  17. 10-15-2011

    What predators does the rhinoceros beetle have?
    Hey! I’m doing some research for a school assignment about rhinoceros beetles. I can’t seem to find any information about the rhinoceros beetle’s predators on Google. Please help me!

  18. 10-16-2011

    Anyone know what kind of Rhinoceros Beetle this is?


  19. 10-16-2011

    Pound for pound, what is the strongest VERTEBRATE on Earth?
    The Rhinoceros beetle is the strongest animal, able to lift 850x its own weight.

    I’d like to know what the strongest vertebrate is, pound for pound.

  20. 10-16-2011

    Has to do with physics. Smallness increases relative power. If you only weighed 1/5 ounce, your relative power would be able to lift a car on that scale. Less mass makes things easier to move, which is why birds are small and man can’t fly. Hope this helped.

  21. 10-17-2011

    The longest-bodied species is the Hercules beetle (Rhinoceros beetle), reaching a maximum size of at least 19 cm (7.5 in). Much of the length is comprised of the antennae, and the top weight is 85 g (3 oz), about an ounce less than the bulkier beetles.

  22. 10-19-2011

    well that depends on where you are… in the uk and the remainder of europe you can easilly import them , although to be fair the best breeders are located in germany in regards to invertebrate breeders, America however is notorious for its importation of non indiginous inverts so it may be harder to get them there…

  23. 10-19-2011

    To get rid of beetle bugs – spray them with Insecticidal Soap

    To get rid of ants – mix together 50/50 icing sugar and baking soda. Put it in shallow lids and put the lids on the soil of your planter. They will carry the baking soda back to the nest and feed it to the queen, who will blow up and die because they can’t get rid of the gas from the soda. The icing sugar is an attractant.

    Fertilize with high phosphorus – high middle number (bone meal is good) to promote strong healthy roots. Use nitrogen (high first number) for top growth.

    Hope that helps!

  24. 10-20-2011

    The display box that came a week or two or ago is only the first one – there’s going to be others to house the complete collection, which still has a lot of bugs to come. The next display box ought to have a larger section for the rhinoceros beetle, and future boxes will also have larger sections for other larger bugs.

  25. 10-21-2011

    Rhinoceros beetles ,In spite of their fierce appearance, are all totally harmless: they cannot bite or sting or hurt you with their horns.
    Why would you want to kill it?
    you could just grab it and throw it it outside

    In relevance to your other question,the best protection they have from predators is their usually large size combined with their activity being at night. During the day, they are hiding under logs or in vegetation and invisible from the few predators big enough to want to eat them. Surprisingly, the horn of the male is not used for protection but rather for the occasional battle with another male over a feeding site.
    Also using its horns it can dig its way out of a sticky situation by burying itself underground, escaping danger.

    Oh and yes they can fly but they go through the forest floor moving leaves out of their way,to avoid danger

    Hope this helps

  26. 10-21-2011

    Most breeders do not sell them because if they get out they could be a horrid invasive species. There are very strict laws around them to protect both US wildlife and plant life.

    Unless you are a licensed facility (ie zoo, etc) or licensed breeder/seller you wont be able to get your hands on one legally. If you find someone selling them I would be extremely cautious as it could be illegal.

    Sorry, that was probably not the answer you were looking for. Just how it is. I feel your pain though, I would love to have one too.

  27. 10-22-2011

    What is the connection between the Japanese rhinoceros beetle and the element of lightning in media?

  28. 10-22-2011

    Why Do Superficial Similarities Between Man And Ape Attract The Attention Of Evolutionists?
    There are many species in the world that resemble one another. For instance, there may be many living beings resembling a horse or a cat and many insects may look like one another. These similarities do not surprise anyone. The rhinoceros beetle and the rhinoceros also share certain superficial resemblances but it would be ludicrous to seek to establish some kind of an evolutionary link between these two creatures, one being an insect and the other a mammal, on the grounds of that resemblance. The superficial similarities between men and apes do signify nothing. Other than superficial similarity, apes cannot be said to be closer to man than to other animals. Actually, if level of intelligence is considered, then the honeybee producing the geometrically miraculous structure of the honeycomb or the spider building up the engineering miracle of the spider web can be said to be closer to man. They are even superior in some aspects.

  29. 10-23-2011

    I think an ant is much stronger than kabuthomushi.

  30. 10-23-2011

    there are quite a few science supply warehouses on the net that supply insect larvae. usually they have a caresheet on how to properly care for them too, but if not then id suggest for care information.

  31. 10-23-2011

    Because it fits in with their plan.

  32. 10-24-2011

    I’ve heard they eat fruit

  33. 10-24-2011

    Do you know any rhinoceros beetle joke?

  34. 10-26-2011

    If I had to hazard a guess, Ide say it looks most like Xyloryctes jamaicensis. The lighting in the picture isn’t the best for seeing the beetle in great detail though.

  35. 10-28-2011


  36. 10-28-2011

    Probably the hero shrew (Scutisorex somereni) would get that award.

    The vertebrae of the hero shrew show a number of odd adaptations, with a bizarre network of interlocking tubercles that articulate between each individual vertebra.

    The unique backbone allows the shrew to support the weight of a full-grown man on its back without harm to the little insectivore.

    No one knows why the hero shrew has such an odd adaptation.

  37. 10-29-2011

    That *IS* impressive, but I wonder what it would equal out to be? I’ll google it.

    My first thought when I read your question(without opening it and seeing the details) was a lion. Maybe an elephant? Oh well.

  38. 10-29-2011

    there are not alot of animals that are willing to eat a rhinoceros beetle because of their impressive weaponry
    u said “predators” so I assume u mean animals
    if so, then the large animals (pigs, rats, certain birds, bears) that could overpower the armor of the beetle will eat it
    ants, when working together, can breach the armor too by targeting the joints area here’s a picture of ants attacking one:

  39. 10-31-2011

    no but here is a joke any way…..

    The teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra. Her grandmother just pitches a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that !!!!

    The teenager tells her, “Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta let your rosebuds show!” and out she goes.

    The next day the teenager comes downstairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on, With her old wrinkled pair on show. The teenager wants to die.

    She explains to her Grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it just is not appropriate …..

    The grandmother says, “Loosen up Sweetie. If you can shown off your rosebuds, then I can display my hanging baskets.”

  40. 10-31-2011

    Is it illegal keep Rhinoceros Beetle in New York City?
    Is it illegal to keep/ship Dynastes granti(Grant’s Rhinoceros Beetle) in New York City?

  41. 11-1-2011

    It must be because we evolved to well!

  42. 11-1-2011

    i think that it is only illegal to use it for gambling bets. i think that the rhiniceros beetle is sometimes used to fight others in bets, same as a chicken fight.

  43. 11-1-2011

    what could i feed a rhinoceros beetle to keep it alive?
    my dad saved a rhinoceros beetle from being eatin and gave it to me cuz im one of those weird people that like to take care of animals and ive named him gizmo and gave him a cage and stuff but im not sure about what to feed him. ive benn feeding him grapes for like 3 days and he’s eating them but is there anything else i could feed him?

  44. 11-1-2011

    LOL – I see no scientific journals have landed on your doorstep lately.

    Monkeys can’t speak because they don’t have the same jaw, tongue and vocal cord structure we do. But apparently you’ve missed the gorillas and chimpanzees who do communicate, often complex concepts, through sign language.

    Genetic links between man and chimp –

    You will believe as you wish to believe; for some reason the thought that we could have commonalities disturbs you deeply. Be as you wish to be – believe as you wish to believe. However, don’t spout your beliefs as truth.

  45. 11-3-2011

    They all have limbs. Insects, lizards, mammals scorpions and birds have limbs. The octopus is a cephalopod = head + foot. An octopus’ tentacles are its limbs.

    This is unusual because animals belonging to most of the animal phyla do not have limbs: e.g. fish, most molluscs, annelid worms, flat worms, nematodes, jellyfishes, et al. do not have limbs.

  46. 11-5-2011

    In water: The blue whale. It was documented to have sunk whaling ships when it was being hunted.

    On Land: The African Elephant. It can lift over 1000 lbs with its trunk.

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